Classes Begin in :

Monday - Upper Body Pump 7:30am

Wednesday - Guts and Glutes 7:30am

Friday - CardioCore 7:15am

Saturday - HIIT 7:30am

Sunday - Booty Camp 7:30am

       Per Class: $8.00 Non-Members

       $5.00 Member

For questions call 304-980-2047

Instructor : Sarah Opel


HIIT (High-intensity Interval Training) combines strength and cardio intervals to elevate the heart rate and maximize fat burn. Each workout can be modified to fit the participants' current fitness level, from beginner to advanced.

The hour-long class would consist of a (roughly) five-minute warm-up, a 40-minute HIIT workout, and 15 minutes of cool down/stretching. You'll primarily utilize body weight exercises, but she does incorporate dumb bells and step rises into the workout.

GUTS & GLUTES will be slightly less intense with a focus on core and glute (AKA Bootie) training with some cardio thrown in for good measure.


Bring a towel, water bottle and clean shoes.